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Steam Demo

Grab the demo right through Steam! If you already have Steam running on your computer, just search for the Alarameth TD Demo from within the Steam client. Otherwise, you can visit the demo page on Steam here:

Direct Link: Alarameth TD Demo on Steam

WebGL Demo

Prefer to play right in your web browser? The demo has been ported to WebGL. This method is experimental, and currently has a few issues and differences. Full details about this special web-based demo can be found by scrolling down to the next section.

- Play in your web browser (works in modern web browsers, no plugins needed)

Downloadable Demo

This is an older version of the demo (v1.0.5), but can be manually downloaded and installed if you have no other options. Note that it lacks a number of improvements and bug fixes.

Download the demo with the links below:

Windows (64-bit)
  Alarameth-TD-Demo_1.0.5_setup.exe (Windows Vista/7/8)

Mac OS X (64-bit)
  Alarameth-TD-Demo-1.0.5.dmg (Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite)

Linux (64-bit)
  Alarameth-TD-Demo_1.0.5_amd64.deb (DEB package: Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, etc)
  alarameth-td-demo-1.0.5-a.x86_64.rpm (RPM package: Fedora, openSUSE, etc)
  Alarameth-TD-Demo_1.0.5.tar.gz (gzipped, no installer, all distributions)
Note that if using Linux with an nVidia card using the open source "nouveau" driver, running the v1.0.5 demo is not recommended, as the driver has a tendency to hard-crash the system when loading level 2. This issue has been addressed in the Steam demo (v1.0.7).

Installation is pretty straightforward on all platforms. Full installation instructions can be found at the bottom of this page if you'd like a hand.

Details: Web Demo

The web-based demo uses a new technology called WebGL. It doesn't require any plugins - just visit the Alarameth TD WebGL Demo Page and the game will load right in your web browser!

It is experimental and has a few issues - A few important notes before you get started:

  • Audio can be really buggy, extremely low in quality, and there will often be delays before it starts playing.
  • Some of the text will look a little wonky.
  • Desktop only. You might get lucky on a high end cutting-edge phone.
  • It requires the lastest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other modern web browsers might work, but because WebGL is a fairly new technology, not all web browsers have it working 100% yet.
  • If you have a slow internet connection, it will take a while to load.
  • The performance may not be the same as the full version.
  • Both levels are unlocked immediately, in case your web browser forgets that you beat level 1.
  • The highest quality settings are disabled due to glitches if shadows are enabled.

While the web-based demo is the fastest and easiest way to try out the game, keep in mind that while it's fundamentally the same in terms of gameplay, a number of changes were made to make it work on in a web browser, there are a number of minor differences, and it's currently quite buggy.

Details: Downloadable Demo

The advantages to the downloadable demo are as follows:

  • Download once, install, and play as much as you want.
  • If the demo runs great on your computer, the full game should run just as well. If you're not sure how well your PC will handle the game, this demo is the way to go.
  • Achievements you get while playing the demo will generally be carried over to the full game.

Instructions (Windows):

  1. Download the Windows demo installer.
  2. When the download finishes, run the installer, and follow the steps. It will ask you for the desired location and whether you want a desktop icon.
  3. If you used the default settings, you should be able to find the demo in Start->Programs->Alarameth TD Demo.
  4. If in the future you want to remove the demo, you can either do so via Add/Remove Programs, or use the uninstaller from the start menu.

Instructions (Mac OS X):

  1. Download the Mac OS X demo, and then open the resulting .dmg (disk image).
  2. Drag the Alarameth TD icon to the Applications folder to install the game.
  3. You can now eject the disk image. You can run the Alarameth TD at any time from your Applications folder.
  4. If in the future you want to remove the demo, simply drag the Alarameth TD icon from your Applications folder to the trash.

Instructions (Linux):

Alarameth TD has been tested in a few of the most popular distros and desktop environments.

"Easy" DEB and RPM package installers are available, as is a simple gzipped folder of the game. Use whatever method you are most comfortable with.

Because each distro behaves differently, full step-by-step instructions for each method (DEB, RPM, and gzipped) are included in the Linux Support section. If you are new to Linux and installing programs is new territory for you, please find the instructions for your distro on that page - the instructions are for the full version, but the demo behaves the same way except that -demo is added to file names.

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