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Privacy Policy

The Alarameth TD Website:

No personal information is required to use this website. Note however that data may be collected about your visit via numerous methods, including the following:

  • Server Logs - These may contain your IP address, web browser and device, what pages were visited, which web-pages referred you to the site, etc.
  • Google - This site makes use of Google services, including (but not limited to) Google Analytics, and YouTube. These services may place tracking cookies in your web browser. You can opt out of Google's Analytics tracking by installing one of Google's plugins located at
  • CloudFlare - This site runs behind CloudFlare - a service designed to speed up websites for visitors while shielding the website from malicious attacks. CloudFlare may gather information about visits to the website. If CloudFlare suspects that your system may have been compromised, it may ask you to solve a "captcha" (one of those things where you type the letters you see in an image) before allowing you to access the site.

The web server itself does not make use of tracking cookies. However, the services mentioned above may make use of them. Cookies are generally harmless, but I'm mentioning them now so that you're aware of their possible existence.

The Alarameth TD Game:

Alarameth TD doesn't intentionally track, submit, or store information about you online. There are possible exceptions here, however:

  • The Unity game engine that powers Alarameth TD may submit information to Unity Technologies, including the system you are playing on. This information aids them in determining what devices are still widely used and what devices are old enough that they can drop support for them. Further information may or may not be collected by Unity. If you have concerns over the nature of the information they collect, you should contact them directly via the Unity3D website at
  • The digital distribution platform you purchased from may or may not collect information about you while you are playing Alarameth TD. If you have privacy concerns here, you should contact the platform you purchased from directly to inquire about their policies.
  • In-game achievements may or may not tie-in to any achievement system offered by your digital distribution platform. This can change without notice (in a patch that enables this functionality through your digital distribution platform for example).

Note that Alarameth TD does not require an internet connection to play, unless your chosen digital distribution platform requires a connection. Thus, in most cases, it should be safe to use a firewall to simply block any possible connections to/from the game if you have privacy concerns.

If you have specific questions, or require clarification in regards to your privacy, feel free to send your questions to:

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